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Miguel Rodriguez, President MYRAMAR, favorite son of Fuengirola

Extract from an article published in the Daily Southern 1/2/11.
Miguel Rodríguez Ruiz, President Myramar poor construction extended list of adopted children in the Villa Blanca. This was unanimously adopted at the plenary session yesterday. Now, the details are finalized for recognition to take place on 18 February at 20:00 in the Peace Palace.
During the exhibition the work of his record makes him worthy of recognition granted by the administration were highlighted. So, Rodriguez gave the City Council the 75.000 square meters of land in what is now the park and around the castle Sohail. According to the mayor of Culture said in his speech, Rodrigo Romero "not built there, for its ethical meaning of work and the compromise reached with Fuengirola ». Emphasizes his philanthropic work with the AECC or the Relatives of Patients with Alzheimer Fuengirola.